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Ebay are still showing registered postage for parcels within Australia with does not exist anymore, only for letters. We cannot list & charge/show correct postage options.Parcels/packages with signature & extra cover (insurance) replaced registered mail back on 8th April & does not exist.Third-party photos added to the description area are exempt from the policy and can be any size and can include text, borders, logos, and other elements that would not be allowed in product photos that appear at the top of the listing.

If a buyer wants a quick service, they need to opt & pay for an express service. Postage charges - I only charge exact australia post charges, don't even charge for the satchels that I have to buy in advance as this charge does not calculate into the postage charge & I'm still rated down on postage charges. Ebay needs to make this to read, DID the seller charge any amounts over the actual australia post charges!Undersized photos in "Good til Cancelled" (GTC) listings that exist prior to the compliance deadline will be grandfathered.If grandfathered listings are subsequently edited, or ended and relisted, the photos must then comply with the new policy.For most people Turbo Lister will work just fine and that’s why I’ll be using it in this video.The only real downside to using Turbo Lister is that it can be buggy at times – it can freeze for no reason or show an error or two.

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