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During a road trip with a friend who was a stripper, I was bemoaning the fact that we were putting everything on credit cards. She wouldn't let up though until I finally agreed to "come in and at least see." That visit turned into my first-ever stage set, and by the following week, I was on the schedule and checking out other clubs to work in.

Not only did I pay off nearly all my credit card debt, but it was perfect for my archeology schedule too -- I was able to work over the summers in the field and then pick up back at the clubs in the winter, when other archeologists were unemployed. Also, stripping is performance work, and anyone who is a performer will tell you that being on stage is addictive.

We have yet to meet her and it seems I'm the one who always brings it up to him as far as what his intentions are with her and how long is he going to let it go on like this. She has not done anything to try to befriend us or even send a facebook note or email to me explaining herself or trying.

I had originally told my son that she would never be allowed in my house.

Months have gone by since that all happened and of course we let him back in the house because we realized we were being childish kicking him out only because he dated who we didn't like.

So how do former strippers handle going back to the world of "vanilla" jobs?

See full summary » Æon Flux is a mysterious and amoral secret agent from the country of Monica. Cesarean, a plastic surgeon whose evil plans involve giving unexpected women explosive breast implants made of nitroglycerin; Cheapo, a super-villain on a budget who makes his henchman share a gun; and Pushy Galore, a former genetic physicist who has learned to breed animals with designer logos on their skin and makes designer knockoffs out of her ex-husbands.

Her motives or background are left unexplained, as are those of her antagonist/love, Trevor Goodchild. See full summary » Pamela is the voice of Erotica Jones, a dancer at the local strip club, who always has time for her friends such as Persephone, a fellow stripper who is dating conjoined twins. Stripperella has the ability to float to safety from tall distances courtesy of her enhanced hair.

But when duty calls Erotica becomes Stripperella an agent for T. Watch out for her patented move Scissor-ella which allows her to knock-out bad guys with her thighs (think Famke Jannsen as Xenia Onatopp in the James Bond film Goldeneye). He even has a small role in the show as an isolated scientist who invents object that already exist.

If she allows you to touch her breasts then look out for ...

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