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Now a national monument, much of the present structure is believed to have been built in 1862-63 by Indian craftsmen.

Besides worship, the temple was an important place for community activities during the colonial era.

Two years ago, those preparations got a name: "Smart Nation," an ambitious program to push the city, its residents and its government into the digital age. A fiber network already stretches the length and breadth of the island, bringing high-speed internet access to every home and office; there are already three mobile devices for every two of its citizens. The Smart Nation initiative looks to turn the island into a "living laboratory" -- a kind of playground for testing smart solutions to urban issues.

Part of that plan is a network of sensors placed across the island that officials hope can solve the fundamental issues of Singapore's high-density living. Vivian Balakrishnan, the country's minister for foreign affairs and minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative, spelled out how he believes the program will transform Singapore."There is much political angst about inequality and middle-class stagnation in developed economies," he said.

You don’t want to give the impression that you’re “buying” her heart, especially if it looks as if you’ve spent a lot of money on that date.

Bonus points if you man up and offer her your arm to grab on during the ride. You’ve got the perfect date all planned out; now take the next step by surprising her with flowers when you meet.

It's pushing forward with trials across many sectors, focusing on "areas with high impact on residents and citizens." For now, that means housing, health and transport.

When you think of public housing, your mind probably goes to the low-income tower blocks in generally deprived areas around North America and Europe.

The app is also easy to join and use – just login with your Facebook account and it will automatically fill out your profile for you.

Cons: Connections on Tinder tend to be more superficial, especially since you have just one photo to sell yourself.

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See if you can spot the Sepoy soldiers in their khaki uniforms from the military tradition of the British Raj.

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