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C., a young king of Macedonia conquered an empire reaching from Greece to India, taking a route recently followed by the authors who marvel at his conquest of peoples and geography.Related Subjects: Afghanistan; Alexander the Great; Asia; Darius the Great; Greece, ancient; History, Asia; Iran; Kalash Kafir people; Pakistan; Persepolis, Iran; Persian Empire; Turkey.) Our Virgin Islands: 50 Years Under the Flag Big Bend (National Park): Jewel in the Texas Desert The World in Geographic Filmstrips A Taxi for the Deep Frontier: Project Man-In-Sea Goes Mobile (Deep Diver, a unique undersea runabout)MAP - Lands of the Bible Today. Has more than 850 descriptive notes of historical and Biblical interest.

This value is derived from several different lines of evidence.

This ware is the earliest pottery in Caribbean South America and is the oldest pottery in the United States, making its appearance in Archaic shell mounds in Georgia and Florida before 2500 SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: FTNCATEGORY: culture DEFINITION: A term sometimes used to describe the earliest farming cultures in the temperate zone of Europe (and sometimes in other areas).

In southeast Europe from c 5400-4500/4300 (eastern and southwest Hungary), Cris (west and lowland Rumania), Kremikovci (northwest Bulgaria), and Karanovo (central and southern Bulgaria).

Some of these rocks are sedimentary, and include minerals which are themselves as old as 4.1 to 4.2 billion years.

Rocks of this age are relatively rare, however rocks that are at least 3.5 billion years in age have been found on North America, Greenland, Australia, Africa, and Asia.

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