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Unlike everything else connected to computers, this was fun.Humans have tried to connect with each other since they discovered that there were other humans to connect with. Here are five facts about online dating, uncovered by Pew: 1.Each third single man had ever tried online dating.Nearly 40% of single ladies in Russia confessed they are registered on numorous international dating websites.

Having thus already communicated with strange men, as well as men who were complete strangers, LBL didn’t hesitate to jump into online dating when that option became available. Questionnaires have expanded, so as to make better matches. They didn’t elaborate whether LBL and her online date would first have some real fun, before the mayhem started. LBL can’t attest to whatever those unruly kids are up to, but she does have opinions about the oldsters.

This will have two benefits: First, it will, unlike politics, bring people together.

Second, it will provide unlikely fodder for POTUS’ all night Tweet extravaganzas.

Internet technologies gave influence on dating industry, it changed humanity and we see another way of development of communication.

People became free to start talking, free to get acquainted, easy to start realtionship.

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