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So here is the fix-First do a Clean restart on your comp..are directions for how to do this-start menu-type "msconfig.exe" into the search bar and hit enter-in the general tab hit "selective startup"-then underneath that there should only be 2 boxes that you can check (ONLY CHECK "LOAD STARTUP ITEMS")-then click the SERVICES tab-click the little box on the bottom left hand corner that reads "hide all microsoft services"-then click disable all on bottom right-click ok-you will be prompted to restart your computer (do so)Second you need to go into your nvidia drivers, uninstall current driver, and reinstall the most current one (even if you already have the most current one)here are directions for how to do this-Start menu-Control panel-hardware & sound-display-change display settings-advanced settings-properties-then hit uninstall at bottom left corner-you will have a message box pop up with an option that you can click, it reads delete software blah blah blah, CLICK THIS BOX (this is so that it deletes all the software completely so that the new driver files do not conflict with any of the old ones)-restart your comp regularly-as soon as your computer is done starting up go to the official NVIDIA site (i just searched NVIDIA in google and the official site was the second link down)-go to download drivers (first tab on the top left corner)-i prefer doing the manual driver update bc the auto detect doesn't always detect the card for me-choose all your settings like you have probably already done before-hit agree and install driver and your download will begin-after it is done try opening it up by clicking the downloaded file (if it doesn't automatically open, like it didn't for, then manually go to your DOWNLOADS folder and you should see the driver download....

This board is a nightmare, is it dead now thanks to the bios freeze up or did it kill my processor? Here's my specs: (I listed each component just so you all at ASUS know exactly what I'm using) Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair V Formula AM3 AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Memory: G. uses corsair.(not on the list) I think from what the others have said, it is the compatibility of a particular ram stick and particular cpu... Sorry, I did throw alot in on that post and I'm kinda frustrated so my apologies, it's been about 5 days with no luck.The only issue that I had when I first got the game was that it was crashing ONLY WHEN I would hit escape to go into the options menu and then select VIDEO.As soon as I would click the VIDEO button to open up the video settings the game would crash without fail.I was given a fix for this so maybe this will work for you guys if you experiencing that same problem...or just maybe it will fix w/e crash you are experiencing aside from the one I mentioned.

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