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That may sound harsh on my part, but after all the spiritual, emotional, and psychological damage that has been done to so many thousands of people through a system of ministry that he personally fathered and controlled through arrogant, abusive, condescending, and harsh leadership, I don't see how he could have any credibility whatsoever with anyone, really I don't.

It was my impression after reading the entire 48 pages (50 if you count the title page and the index) that most congregations would react in like fashion to that of the Salt Lake City church, which issued a statement on their web site containing the following comments.

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  1. “Don't spend ALL your time getting tanked with someone. Get yourself and your date outta the bar on occasion and into the world. (But if you are gonna drink, come drink at Swan Dive! I have definitely given my number to someone on a receipt with plans to hang out later only for that person to go on a rager. Getting wasted on a first date is tacky.” -- “Some advice for a girl on a first date: don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend. I’m not here to talk to you about your ex-boyfriend and what happened, what’s going on.

  2. First we are going to start off with the setting things up so you and your man both get the most out of it (don’t worry, I get to the fun stuff later! Before you get to having Skype sex with your man, you need to do a few things first.

  3. Bob Odenkirk, a former SNL writer, explained, "I could see how it wouldn't work at SNL because she's got her own voice, she's very much Sarah Silverman all the time.